Plasticity Forum – Rio+20 Earth Summit, June 21st, 2012

Plasticity Rio ’12 will be staged as a side-event at the Rio 2012 Earth Summit. This one-day forum will be a unique, action and solutions oriented event, with both public and private sectors, focused on the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the world of plastic and its role as a secondary raw material. Plasticity Rio ’12 will explore the innovations and solutions that leaders in their respective industries and communities are undertaking to ensure that plastic and used material is treated as a resource, therefore minimizing its impacts on our shared global ecosystem.

The Event A full one-day conference designed to inspire, excite, and help move the world to follow the innovative leaders who use plastic in new ways, with new solutions, helping to reduce the impact that plastic has on our environment if full life-cycle options are not implemented. If you are an innovator, solution provider, brand that is leading the way, or policy maker, you will want to be at this event. The forum will be aimed at showcasing solutions to the issues of plastic waste in our environment, including cutting edge recycling, re-use, design, packaging, materials, case studies (from cities, groups and companies), policies, and emerging new technologies.

The RIO+20 event is an excellent global showcase for Plasticity to be held because of the high concentration of policy leaders, business executives, and decision makers who will be in the city discussing environmental issues. Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup and the Olympics also makes the timing and importance of exposure in the country important for expanded business opportunities for many companies.


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