Plasticity Forum – Rio+20 Earth Summit – The Future of Plastic, and Where the Leaders are Going

Man in China along a river collecting plastic

As the world gets ready for the Rio+20 Earth Summit, and even for those who are not going, there is a big discussion starting to happen about plastic, and the opportunities around it.  These new technologies, innovations, designs, materials and solutions can mean that we continue to use “plastic” or its close replacements, but with highly reduced environmental impacts.  As our populations grow, and resources become constrained, many are realizing that plastic waste, like many other things, has a secondary value, and the companies, brands and institutions that capitalize on these opportunities are the ones who will garner the mindshare of the consumers.

We are excited to invite you to a unique side event — Plasticity Rio 2012 — at the Rio+20 Earth Summit on June 21. Plasticity Rio will focus on the future of plastics, and begin a new global discussion on environmental improvements with large scale opportunities, supporting the Sustainable Development goals of a fostering a “green economy.” We hope that you, or your colleagues, or contacts can make it.  Included is an invitation to the event.

In the run-up to the event, we have just launched an exciting global idea compeition called Capturing Gold, focused on PET plastic bottles. Anyone can enter, and the entry period will close on June 15th. Watch what the youth of our world are thinking about this. You can create ideas, or build upon those of others.   You can win a pair of Oakley sunglasses – Bob Burnquist’s Signature Series, made from an innovative material recycling process as part of participating in Capturing Gold.

See what others are saying about Plasticity: New York Times, Wharton Journal, Plastics News, UNEP, Greenbiz

If you are interested in attending Plasticity Rio, click here to sign up, or if you would like to be more involved as a supporting/sponsoring partner, please let us know via email at


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